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The title of my blog and this first piece emphasize my metaphysical approach to life. Basically, I believe that life achieves some level of connection on almost all levels, across vast distances and with seemingly disparate matters, hence why “all the pieces matter.” However, life is far grander than we yet know, which makes us unable to know all of these connections, either at their moment of contact or at the moment their influence spreads.  Everyday, seemingly, science makes new revelations indicating possible greater unity between prior incompatible realms of physics, greater similarity between humans and other species, or other species and even dinosaurs.  Likewise, it has been long known that many of the world’s most populous religions contain similiar myths or stories that express themselves in dissimiliar particulars.  Throughout hetergeneous cultures, people have been shown to express themselves with the same emotions, often times because of the same stimuli, but because of cultures mutability, the cultures are often vastly different. However, it doesn’t change that the people within the various cultures originate from the same ancestors as me, if you go far enough back.

Additionally, our policies and beliefs as a nation, no matter how small, whether we believe they’re provincial or not, just aren’t. Even local politics spreads out beyond its discrete corridors. The law of unintended consequences is too often unheeded by most everyone, and one I believe is “locality.” We fail to take account of the things in heaven and earth that we cannot see and don’t even imagine that they could exist.

So, this blog will be scatterbrained, probably, which is not the best thing but if you’ve read this, you can see that I tend to believe most everything is connected, and I approach life that way. I don’t believe I know all of the connections, far from it, but what I read, what I experience, and what I see, I attempt to see how it fits into a larger whole.


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