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A short NYT opinion piece touts the collaborative work between the Gates foundation and private industry as they work towards a much needed goal – a malaria vaccine. 


I haven’t read much of the recent popular development books, i.e. The End of Poverty, White Man’s Burden, or The Bottom Billion, other than to read synopses so I’m not certain where disease prevention fits into any of them. I don’t remember it being a prominent feature, except possibly The End of Poverty. Intuitively, so, basically me talking without any knowledge to back this up, it seems that increasing a society’s health would fundamentally alter it and lead to productivity gains, especially in areas hardest hit by Malaria. On the downside, you have the present situation in Darfur and the past situation in Rwanda. The former has strife between settled land users and nomadic tribesman as one of its causes, which rose to prominence now because land is becoming more scarce.  The latter, some, though fewer, have argued, had similar roots with limited resources leading to ethnic divisions.

My future worry is that increased population without an increased ability for food will lead to more wars.  So, I hope that philanthropy and continued improvement in government will lead to increased prosperity along with an increase in lives so that more harmony will follow this good news.


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