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James Fallows, writing in the Atlantic (which now having a Kindle Fire, will probably resubscribe as I’ve really enjoyed some recent articles) describes how his wife’s gmail account was likely hacked, the problems with restoring it, and the general weakness of most people’s passwords.  A frequent cited companion piece to the Fallows’ article is this XKCD comic, and Fallows adopts some of the recommendations when providing advice for choosing a password.  However, I’m reminded of this Farhad Manjoo column from 2.5 yrs ago about developing a hard-to-crack password, and wondered whether it was as strong as the approach recommended by XKCD:

Turn your phrase into an acronym. Be sure to use some numbers and symbols and capital letters, too. I like to eat bagels at the airport becomesIlteb@ta, and My first Cadillac was a real lemon so I bought a Toyota is M1stCwarlsIbaT

From Fallows’ article, it appears like it’s, at the very least, a reliable substitute, especially for those websites that will not allow spaces between words.


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