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What to do with the USPS?

So, I understand the need to close certain offices, and am continually perplexed by those who claim to hate government waste and condemn spending on public transportation but who argue for keeping open small post offices in mostly unpopulated areas, but despite that, the post office has some pretty kick-ass ways to deliver mail (from Time):

Even today, the USPS’s methods to deliver our mail are just as remarkable. Want to send a letter to the Havasupai Indian Reservation at the bottom of the Grand Canyon? The postal service will take it there by mule. Need to mail a package to the Alaskan wilderness? The USPS can get it there by parachute or snowmobile. (It used sled dogs until 1963.) Have to mail something along Alabama’s Magnolia River? The USPS has boats that travel from dock to dock. It has even sent mail via pneumatic tubes, missiles and hovercraft. And somehow, it’s still just 44 cents to get a letter anywhere (well, 45 cents starting Jan. 22).

The article is good reminder of the central importance the post office played as the US expanded. ¬†While it’s current iteration may have outlived its usefulness, it’s importance in helping develop the US was undeniable.


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